Recently, I had the pleasure of conducting a portrait and headshot session for JUWI South Africa, a leading renewable energy company with a strong presence in Cape Town. JUWI, part of the international JUWI Group, has been at the forefront of renewable energy projects across South Africa since 2011. With over 500 MW of installed capacity and an additional 400 MW in the pipeline, JUWI is a key player in the country’s transition to sustainable energy.

The Project

The session aimed to capture the essence of JUWI’s dynamic and passionate team, reflecting their commitment to renewable energy and sustainability. The portraits and headshots were to be used for their corporate profiles, marketing materials, and internal communications.

This shoot was a follow-up session after I photographed the team about six months prior. The current project was split into two sessions held in March 2024, allowing us to accommodate the busy schedules of the team members and ensure we captured everyone in the best possible light.


Prior to the shoot, I conducted a thorough consultation with the JUWI team to understand their requirements and the image they wanted to portray. We discussed the desired style, locations within their Cape Town office, and the best times for natural lighting. I ensured my equipment was ready for both indoor and outdoor shots, including my Capture One setup for tethered shooting, allowing immediate review and adjustments.

The Session

The session took place at JUWI’s office in Cape Town’s vibrant Foreshore district. The building’s modern architecture provided an excellent backdrop, enhancing the professional yet approachable look we aimed to achieve. I focused on creating a relaxed atmosphere, using my coaching techniques to help each team member feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

For the headshots, I used softboxes with continuous light and a white backdrop to create a clean and professional look. This setup allowed for consistent and flattering lighting, highlighting the individual features of each team member.

For the team portraits, we utilized the office environment to illustrate the team in its work context. Various locations around the office, including sleek conference rooms and the impressive rooftop with views of Cape Town’s skyline, were chosen to capture the team’s dynamic and collaborative spirit. The natural light streaming through the large windows added a touch of authenticity and warmth to the images, emphasizing the friendly and open culture at JUWI.


Post-processing involved fine-tuning the images to ensure each portrait and headshot met the highest standards. I focused on enhancing the natural tones, sharpening details, and ensuring a consistent look across all images. This meticulous approach guaranteed that the final images were both professional and visually appealing, ready to be used in various corporate materials.


The final images reflected JUWI’s professional and dedicated team, ready to tackle the challenges of renewable energy projects. The session was a success, capturing the spirit of JUWI and providing them with high-quality images for their corporate use. Working with JUWI was a rewarding experience, showcasing the importance of renewable energy and the passionate people behind these crucial projects.

About JUWI

JUWI South Africa is part of the JUWI Group, a global leader in renewable energy. Since its establishment in Cape Town in 2011, JUWI has played a pivotal role in South Africa’s renewable energy landscape, focusing on solar, wind, and hybrid energy solutions. With a commitment to quality, reliability, and community empowerment, JUWI continues to drive sustainable energy projects across the continent.

For more information about JUWI and their projects, visit JUWI South Africa.

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