Cape Town Headshot Photographer: Elevate Your Professional Image

In today's digital world, your headshot is often your first impression. Whether it's for LinkedIn, your website, or company materials, let's create images that convey professionalism, approachability, and the confidence to succeed. With over 15 years of experience and a passion for helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera, I'll guide you through a stress-free headshot experience. I excel at capturing your unique personality and creating polished, modern images that make a lasting impact.

Indvidual Headshots

Elevate Your Professional Image with Cape Town Headshots

Make a lasting impression with a modern headshot that showcases your confidence and approachability.

Perfect for LinkedIn profiles, company websites, and marketing materials.

  • Studio Sessions: Our professional Cape Town studio provides a controlled environment for flawless headshots. You'll have access to a variety of backdrops, including the classic white.
  • On-Location Convenience: Looking for a Cape Town headshot photographer who comes to you? We offer on-location headshot sessions at your office, saving you valuable time.

Collaborative & Efficient Process

  • Seamless Workflow: During your headshot session, your camera will be tethered to a laptop, allowing you to see the images instantly and collaborate on achieving the perfect shot.
  • Favourite Selection Made Easy: We'll work together to select your favourite images for retouching, ensuring you receive a final product you love.
  • Expert Retouching: Our expert retouching process will enhance your natural beauty and ensure a polished, professional look.

Stress-Free & Personalised

  • Guidance & Support: We understand that headshot sessions can sometimes feel intimidating. We'll provide friendly, personalized guidance throughout the process, from wardrobe suggestions to posing tips.
  • Fast Turnaround: You'll typically receive your retouched headshots within 5 business days, often even faster.
  • Beauty & Hair Collaboration: Looking for a complete transformation? We can happily connect you with our network of talented makeup artists and hairstylists who will ensure you look and feel your best.

Team or Company-Wide Headshots

Create a cohesive brand image and modernize your team directory with consistent, high-quality headshots for your entire company.

  • On-Location Convenience: We bring our professional studio setup (lighting, backdrops) directly to your office in Cape Town, minimizing disruption to your workday.
  • Efficient & Streamlined Process: Our organized approach ensures a smooth process, even for large teams. Instant image review on a tethered laptop streamlines the selection process for everyone involved.
  • Consistent & On-Brand: We work closely with your marketing team or consultants to create headshots that perfectly align with your company's visual identity.
  • Flexible & Scalable: From small teams to large corporations, we tailor our headshot services to fit your specific needs and budget. Special pricing is available for larger teams and repeat clients.
  • Retouching & Delivery: All chosen images undergo expert retouching for consistency and professionalism. Our typical turnaround time is 5 business days, with the ability to expedite delivery if needed.

Benefits of Corporate Headshots

Boost Credibility

A professionally crafted headshot instantly signals competence and trustworthiness. It's an essential investment for building relationships and attracting your ideal clients. Studies show that potential clients are more likely to do business with someone they perceive as professional and trustworthy – a great headshot is your secret superpower.

Attract Top Talent

In a competitive market, professional headshots demonstrate your commitment to a polished company culture. This helps you recruit and retain the best candidates for your team. Imagine showcasing a team where everyone presents a confident and approachable image – that's what professional headshots achieve.

Strengthen Personal Branding

Whether you're an entrepreneur, executive, or creative, a high-quality headshot that reflects your unique style strengthens your online presence and helps you stand out. Let's collaborate to create a headshot that captures your essence and sets you apart from the competition.

Modernise Company Image

Consistent, contemporary headshots across your team present a unified brand that conveys professionalism and attention to detail. Imagine the impact of a company website or profile page where everyone looks polished and put-together. That's the power of consistent headshots.


What should I wear?

Solid colors and classic styles generally photograph best. Choose outfits that reflect your industry, personal brand, and make you feel confident. I'll provide a detailed attire guide upon booking, including tips on colors, necklines, and accessories.

How long does a headshot session take?

Individual headshot sessions typically take about 30-60 minutes. This allows time for consultation, outfit changes if desired, and selecting your favorite images. For larger team shoots, please contact me for a custom timeline.

Do you recommend a professional makeup artist?

While not required, professional makeup can elevate your headshot and ensure you look your absolute best. I'm happy to recommend several talented makeup artists in the Cape Town area who specialize in natural-looking makeup for headshots.

Do you offer retouching?

Yes! All headshot packages include basic retouching to smooth skin, minimize blemishes, and enhance your overall appearance. I aim for a natural look that highlights your best features.

How will I receive my images?

You'll receive your final, high-resolution images via a secure online gallery. This allows you to easily download and share your headshots for all your professional needs.

Can you shoot headshots on-location at my office?

Absolutely! I offer convenient on-location headshot sessions for teams and companies. Let's discuss your office space and create a plan to capture professional headshots with minimal disruption to your workday.

Do you offer high-volume headshots?

Yes! If you have a large team requiring headshots, I offer customized packages and streamlined processes to ensure an efficient and successful experience. Contact me for a tailored quote.