As a portrait photographer based in Cape Town, I recently had the incredible opportunity to shoot the cover for the April "Style" issue of Your Luxury Africa, a leading luxury lifestyle magazine showcasing the finest experiences across the African continent. The cover features Budi Adji and Philipp Althof, the visionary founders of BUDISM COUTURE, a global luxury fashion house that has taken the world by storm. Working alongside Ntokozo Maseko, the editor of Your Luxury Africa, we set out to capture the essence of this remarkable brand for the cover image.

BUDISM COUTURE was founded by Budi Adji and Philipp Althof in Hong Kong in 2014 and quickly expanded to a global market with a loyal client base in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. The house specialises in exquisite and delicately hand-embroidered gowns for all occasions, alongside daywear couture and accessories. What sets BUDISM COUTURE apart is their commitment to craftsmanship and tradition; all dresses are custom-made entirely by hand, employing unique techniques passed down through generations.

For the cover shoot, I photographed Budi and Philipp in the entrance hall of their studio, right next to a stunning staircase. The setting perfectly captured the elegance and sophistication of BUDISM COUTURE while providing a glimpse into the creative space where their designs come to life. The fashionable outfits worn by Budi and Philipp, along with the stylish mannequins displaying couture gowns in the background, beautifully represent the brand's luxurious aesthetic. The picture would not have been complete if we did not included Budi and Philipp's two beloved Maltese dogs, whose fluffy white coats and adorable expressions perfectly complemented the elegant setting and couture designs. These charming companions are undoubtedly an integral part of Budi and Philipp's lives and their brand, showcasing the warmth and personality behind the glamorous facade of BUDISM COUTURE.

During the cover shoot, Ntokozo and I worked closely with Budi and Philipp to capture the essence of BUDISM COUTURE – a blend of timeless elegance, meticulous craftsmanship, and global sophistication. Their dedication to their craft and commitment to preserving traditional techniques was evident in every aspect of their work, and we strived to reflect that in the cover image we created together.

The house has established close working relationships with centuries-old ateliers in Paris who produce for large French haute couture houses and select artisans worldwide, thereby giving clients access to the best the couture industry offers. This global perspective and dedication to excellence make BUDISM COUTURE exceptional.

The final cover image perfectly captures the uncompromising luxury and storied savoir-faire of BUDISM COUTURE, highlighting their journey from South Africa to the world stage. It is a testament to the power of collaboration and the incredible talent and vision of Budi Adji and Philipp Althof. It was an honour to be a part of this project alongside Ntokozo Maseko and to help showcase their inspiring story on the cover of Your Luxury Africa.

To read the full article on Budi, Philipp, and BUDISM COUTURE, pick up the April "Style" issue of Your Luxury Africa.